Selenium Training

Table of Content

Selenium :
Selenium Syllabus (All coaching will be practical on live application)
Introduction to Automation and Selenium WebDriver
Why selenium?
Downloading Jars of WebDriver
Configuring in eclipse
Configuring Java
First selenium program for login
How to login or perform click by code other than clicking
Identifying WebElements using different locators: xapth, css, id, name, class etc.
Absolute and complete Xpaths
Creating customized Xpaths (different types of xpaths creations and its types)
Different Webdriver functions (All methods and actions that can be achieved with selenium )
Introduction to Selenium IDE
How to record and play with IDE
How IDE helps in identifying elements
Various helpful plugins like firebug and firepath
Hard wait
Implicit wait
Explicit wait
Browser support: Working with Firefox, chrome and IE browser
FindElement vs FindELements
isDisplayed, isEnabled, isSelected methods
Retrieving multiple elements from a page
Managing Ajax based components
Handling applications having frames with selenium
Handling frame inside frame
Handling new windows
Handling java script alerts/popups
Handling Dropdowns with selenium
Handling multiple windows
Password encoding with selenium
Managing front and back button click on Browser using selenium
Finding number of links on a webpage without clicking
Uploading different files on web using browser button
Downloading files from web
How to handle desktop based dialogues
Handling/Managing cookies
Simulating all keyboard buttons with selenium
Actions class in Webdriver
Moving curser to element by hovering
Dragging and dropping by coordinates
Dragging and dropping by element
Taking screen shots with selenium
Exception handling in Selenium (concept showed in framework)
Concept of firefox profile
Using Javascript in Selenium -- JavaScriptExecutor example
Connecting to SQL database with selenium
Concept of Robot and AutoIT in selenium
Managing Certification errors
Some Good Exercise questions
Complete discussion on interview questions and how to crack any interview
How to implement automation in organization in any project
Help is provided for any problems faced in official project

Introduction to framework
Different types of frameworks
Structure / Architecture of framework
Building framework from scratch on a live application
Ensuring framework can be reused, maintained and stable.
Reading test data from different files like excel, properties file, json, yml etc.
Implementing POM (Page object model) design technique in framework
Implementing Page factory in framework
Implementing screenshot on test failure
Extended HTML reporting
Running Test cases from terminal
Running test cases from batch file
Introduction to BDD Cucumber framework
Advantage of BDD Cucumber framework

Introduction to TestNG
TestNG vs Junit
Installing TestNg in Eclipse
TestNg annotations and Usage
Creating test suite with testng
Running single Test in TestNg
Running multiple tests in Testng
Parameterizing Tests with TestNG– DataProvider
Assertions/Reporting Errors
Batch Running of tests in TestNg
Running test in parallel with testng

Core Java
Concepts of OOPS, classes , variables and methods
Static/non static
Exception handling
Loops. If loop, for loop etc.
Data types
Conversation of one data type to another ,like int to string
Exception handling , try catch
All what is needed for Selenium

Selenium Grid
Introduction to Grid
Use of grid
Hub and Nodes in Grid
How to setup grid
How to run tests in parallel using grid

Other Important Tools
Introduction to ANT (build tool)
Implementing ANT in framework
Introduction to Jenkins (CI tool)and its use in organization to run automation suites
Introduction to Agile and its methodology
How selenium fits in Agile based projects
How to commit code in Git repositories and how it is used in orgainzations

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