Load Runner Testing Training

Table of Content

Introduction to Testing

Introduction to Automation Testing

Types of Automation Tools
• Functionality Testing Tools
• Performance Testing Tools
• Test Management Tools

Introduction to Performance Testing
• Performance Testing Types
• Load Testing
• Stress Testing

LoadRunner Overview
• LoadRunner Architecture
• LoadRunner Testing Process

Planning an Effective Load Test
• Define measureable goals for testing
• Gather information before testing
• Document and organize system information

• Structure the script based on planning
• Use VuGen to record a Vuser script for Web environment
• Describe HTML and URL recording levels
• When to use HTML and/or URL recording levels

• Identify the appropriate web Run-time settings to set
• Configure Web Run-time settings to run the script
• Verify Vuser script functionality in VuGen

Actions and Transactions
• Create multiple actions in a Vuser script
• Configure actions to achieve load testing goals
• Add Transaction to measure response times

• Solve play back problems by Parameterizing the script

• Identify visual cues to check for during load testing
• Add Text Checkpo8ints during and after recording

Manual Correlation
• Distinguish between available correlation methods
• Correlate a script manually using correlation functions
• Correlation during and After recording
• Correlation after recording
• Use the scan for correlation tool
• Correlate data during recording
• Define rules for correlation in Recording Options
• Enable correlation during recording

Introduction to Scenarios
• Explain elements that make a LoadRunner scenario
• Identify different types of scenarios
• How to choose the scenario
• Present the basic steps for creating a scenario

Using Run-Time setting
• Script and scenario Run – Time settings
• Configure Run-Time settings in the Controller

Scenario Execution
• Prepare for a scenario run
• Identify techniques to efficiently run a scenario

Scheduling Scenarios
• Scheduling group and by scenario
• Prepare VuGen user (Vuser) Initialization
• Configure Scenario ramp up and ramp down

Performance Monitors
• Value of Performance Monitors
• Select Performance Monitors
• Add measurements to Performance Monitors
• Performance Overlays to track down bottlenecks

Results Analysis
• Value of root cause analysis – resources bottleneck, code loops
• Diagnose errors with LoadRunner Application and Architecture
• Meaningful interpretation of LoadRunner graphs

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