Oracle SOA Training

Table of Content

Introduction to Oracle SOA Suite
• Overview of service-oriented architecture (SOA)
• Overview XML, XSD, WSDL, Web services
• Why is SOA?
• What is SCA?

• Overview of weblogic server
• Overview of SOA server and meta data schemas
• Creating domain in weblogic server.
• Install SOA Server
• Overview of start and stop steps of SOA server and Admin Server.

Interaction Patterns
• Synchronous Pattern
• Asynchronous pattern
• One way invoke

SCA Architecture
• Define a composite application
• Describe SOA Composite Editor
• Explain Component Type Files.

SOA Composite Build and Deploy
• Explain SOA composite.
• Lab
o Understand BPEL designer (JDeveloper) and activities
o Creating your first BPEL Process – HelloWorld
o Xpath Expression Builder
o Deploying the SOA Composite application.
• Managing Deployments/Un-Deployments with Enterprise Manager 11g

Build of Synchronous and Asynchronous Services
• Orchestrating Services with BPEL for Synchronous, Asynchronous and One-way Service
• Overview of Partner Link. Why do we need myRole-PartnerRole concept
• Lab
o Create a synchronous process
o Create an asynchronous process
o Create One-way

Transformation Services
• XSLT mapping tool
• XSLT map Testing and analysing at design time.

Parallel processing and Conditional branching
• Understanding activities XSL, Switch, flow and While.
• Lab
o Processing with Parallel Flows
o Using Flown activity
o Conditional Branching

Exploring Pick activity and OnAlarm branch
• Lab
o Develop BPEL process to use pick(Receive inputs from Multiple Operations)
o Develop BPEL process that can time out a call to an Async process, using OnAlarm branch

Adapters Concepts
• Understanding File, Database and JMS Adapter
• Lab
o Read and write a file using file adapter
o Poll for new rows in a table using DB adapter
o Insert data into JMS queue using JMS adapter

• Working with Mediator Components
• Explain the Mediator component and its features
• Parallel Flows and sequential flows.
• Lab
o Creating a Mediator Component
o Adding Routing Rules
o Create XSL Transformations with XSLT Mapper
o Create Content Based Routing filters

Human Workflow and work list application
Human Workflow Service Concepts
• Features of workflow service
• Lab
o Sending an approval notification
o Modeling workflows

Business Rules
• Introduction to Business Rules.
• Introduction to Decision tables
• Lab
o Using Business Rules and Decision tables in BPEL

Fault Handling and Exception Management
• Explain Fault Types
o System faults
o Business faults
• Process based Fault handling.
• Policy based fault handling.
• Lab
o Using Throw activity to throw faults
o Using Fault Handler to handle faults
o Compensation handler
o Using policy files

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