Oracle DBA Training

Table of Content

• Objectives
o Understand Oracle Architecture
o Create / manage Database
o Optimization of Database
o Disaster Management
• Duties & Responsibilities of DBA
o Installation of Oracle Server & Application Tools
o Allocation of Space and sizing storage requirements
o Creation of Primary Database & Schema Objects
o Modification of Database structure
o Creating /maintaining of user
o Performance Tuning
o Backup & recovery

Oracle Architecture
• Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA) complaint
• Standard Architecture
• Oracle Instance
• Oracle Database
o Single Process
o Multi-Process
• Database Structure
o Logical (Tablespace, Segments, Extents, Schema Objects)
o Physical (Control file, Data file, Redo log files)
• Roll back segments
• Transaction Management
• Data Dictionary

Hardware Considerations
• Stand alone host
• Multiple Databases
• Networked Host
• Clustered Servers

Startup & Shutdown
• Invoking SVRMGRL
• Startup
o Start the Instance
o Mount The Database
o Open the Database
• Shutdown
o Normal
o Immediate
o Transactional
o Abort
• Alter Database
• Enable Restricted Session
• Parameter file

Database Storage
• Tablespaces & Datafiles
• Managing Tablespaces
• Managing / Sizing Schema Objects
• Managing Datafiles
• Allocation of Space
o Segments
o Extents
o Database Blocks
o Index
o Temporary
o Rollback
o Tables
o Views
o Indexes
o Partitioning of tables & Indexes
o Snapshots
o Sequences
o Synonyms
o Database Links

Creating & Customising The Database
• Create a Database
o Determine Instance
o Copy & Edit Parameter Settings
o Start the Instance
o Connect the Instance
o Physically Create the Database
• Add Control File
• Multiplexing Control files
• Add Redo log Members
• Multiplexing Redo log Members
• Data dictionary users
• Display Data Dictionary Views
• Rollback segments
• Create rollback segments
• Alter Rollback segments
• Guidelines for Managing RBS
• Managing Locks
o Types of Locks
o Table Locks
o Dictionary Locks
o Dead Lock Detection
o Monitor locking Activity

Create And Manage Database User / Enterprise Manager
• Create User
• Alter User
• Drop user
• Monitor User
• Profiles
• Create Profile
• Alter Profile
• Drop Profile
• Managing database security for Users
• User Authentication

Managing Privileges And Roles Command Line & Enterprise Manager:
• Types of Privileges
• Different Roles
• Default Roles
• Dropping Roles
• Changing Default Roles
• Granting System Privileges & roles
• Granting object Privileges
o Revoke system Privileges & roles
• Revoking Object Privileges
• Cascading effects
• Listing Privileges & Role Information

Performance Tuning
• SQL Tuning
• Memory Tuning
o Buffer Cache
o Library Cache
o Dictionary Cache
o Redo log Buffer Cache
• I/O Tuning
o Disk Contention
o Space in data block
o Trace files & Alert Files
• Contention for Rollback segments
• Tune free lists
• Tune Checkpoints
• SQL Trace facility & TKPROF Utility

Multiple Database/ Distributed Database Management

Database Auditing & Security


OFA Complaint Backup & Recovery
• Operating System Backups (Cold Backups)
• Online Backup (Hot Backups)
• Recovery Structure
• Archive Modes
• Change Archive Modes
• Enable Archive Processing
• Archive Log Files
• Database Errors
• Recovers from User error
• Recovery from Statement Failures
• Recover from Instance failure
• Recovery from Media Failure
• Recovery with Archiving
• Recovery Without Archiving
• Disable Archive Processing
• Backup Control file
o Recover a Control file
o Legato Storage Manager
o Recovery Manager (RMAN)

Server Utilities
• Export
o Export Basics
o Export Parameters
o Incremental Export
o Cumulative Export
o Complete Export
• Import
o Import basics
o Import modes
o Import Parameters
o Incremental Import
o Cumulative Import
o Complete Import
• SQL*Loader
o Basics
o Direct path Loads
o Conventional Path Loads
o Logging information
o Control file
o Data file
o Discard File
o Bad file
o Case Studies

Monitoring Common Problem Areas & Useful DBA Scripts

Oracle Standard Installation

Oracle (OFA) Installation

Oracle Database Connectivity With Front Ends

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