MVC Training

Table of Content

Basic MVC Course
Introduction to MVC
MVC pattern
Road to MVC 4
Overview of MVC 1,2,3,4,5 and 6
MVC application structure
Controller basics & attributes
Action methods
Purpose of views
Strongly typed views
View model
Razor view engine
Partial view
Model binding
Linq overview
Linq to SQL
Lambda's overview
Introduction to Entity framework
EF approaches
Linq to entities
Forms and HTML helpers
HTML helpers
Data annotations and validation
Membership, authorizations and security
Authorize attribute
Security vendor in a web application
Uniform resource locator
Route constraints
Introduction to web api
Unit testing
Jquery Ajax overview

Advance MVC Course
Advanced MVC EF Course Overview of Asp.Net MVC 6
MVC application structure
Overview of Client Framework
Extending MVC
Extending Models
Extending Views
Extending Controllers
Configuring Web API
Filtering Requests
Road to Entity Framework (EF) 6
Detailed EF approaches
Lazy loading
Eager Loading
Dependency Injection
Design Patterns
Dependency Resolution in MVC
Dependency Resolution in Web API
Overview of NUGET
Overview of Project Katana and OWIN
ASP.NET Identity

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