Microsoft Power BI

Table of Content

Introduction Data Warehouse
• Explain about Data Warehouse?
• Core concept of Data Warehouse
• Need for DWH
• Understanding Data Warehouse Concept
• Data Warehouse Design and Architecture
• Explain on different types of Schema
• Dimensional and Fact Table design
• Explain on Star Schema
• Explain on Snow Flake Schema

Getting Start with Power BI
• Introduction to Power BI
• Architecture of Power BI
• Component of BI
• Understanding on Basic concept on Power BI
• Pre-requisite to Install Product
• Install Product on OS
• Verify Install
• Configure/Customize of Microsoft Power BI
• Explain of Integration Services

Power BI Service
• Overview of BI Services
• Explain on Live Dashboards
• Interactive Reports
• Data Visualization
• Understanding on Power BI Desktop

Working with Data and Modeling
• • Connect to Multiple Data sources
• Live Connectivity with SQL Analysis server
• Using Query Editor
• Data Loading on Individual Tables
• How to Transform data with Query Editor
• Cleaning Formatted / Unformatted Data
• Explain on Manage Data Relationships
• Create Calculated Columns
• How to Optimizing Data Models
• Show to Create Calculated Tables
• Explorer on Time-Based Data

Working with Visualization
• Overview of Visualization
• Create Simple Visualization
• Explorer to use Map Visualizations
• Combination Charts
• Create and apply format Slicers
• Use Funnel and Waterfall Charts
• Create basic Reports and explorer on Reports
• Apply Styles in Shapes, Text Fields, and Images on Reports
• Style on Page Layout and Formatting
• Interactions between Visualization
• How to Customize Reports for summarization and Category
• Z-order of Report Elements
• Create Table and Matrices
• Build Bar, Pie, Line and Scatter Charts from Loaded Data

Power BI and Excel
• • Overview of BI and Excel
• Import data in Excel files
• Explorer on Table Analysis Tools in Excel
• Identifying Data Groups

Working with Power Query and Power Map
• Introduction to Power Query and Power Map
• Explorer on Discover and Import data
• How to Transform, Merge and Filter Data
• Grouping and Aggregating Data
• Analysis with Power Map
• How to Create Map-Based Graph
• Create Heat and Region Maps
• Analyzing changes over Time

Working with Publish and Sharing
• Overview of Publish and Sharing
• How to Publish Reports to Power BI Service
• Import and Export Power BI
• Manual Republish
• How to Create Group in Power BI
• Create/Edit Content Pack
• Publish Report to Web from Power BI

Working with DAX
• Overview of DAX
• Type of DAX Calculation
• Different kind of Functions in DAX
• Explain on DAX Operators
• Create Calculation in Power Pivot
• Measures vs Attributes
• How to Create Common Aggregates
• Table Relationship with DAX
• How to Create KPIs

Case Studies on Microsoft Power BI

Discussion with Interview Question and Best Practices on Microsoft Power BI

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