Table of Content

Introduction to C# .NET
• Components of .NET Framework
- Windows and Web
- Forms and Services, console applications
- .NET Frame workbase Class Library-Default Name spaces
- Common Language Runtime CLR - CTS, CLS, CAS, GC, MSIL, Assembly
• Advantages of the .NET Framework
• Visual Studio .NET integrated Development Environment
• Windows Forms and Controls- Properties, Methods and Events

C# .NET Language
• Features of C# .NET Programming Language
• Data Types, Variables, Constants, Arrays, Operators and Built-in Functions
• Selection constructs-If-else, Switches
• Looping constructs-while, do-while, do-until, for
• Object Oriented Programming in C#
- Encapsulation - Creating Name space, Classes, Structure, Objects, Instance Constructors, Destructors,Shared Memory and Constructors
- Polymorphism - procedures {Sub, Function, property and Event-handling}, Optional parameters and parameter Arrays, procedure and Constuct or overloading
- Inheritance - types, procedure Overriding, Inheritedforms & Interfaces
- Abstraction - Abstract Classes & Interfaces, Multiple Inheritance

MDI Applications, File Operations & Multithreading
• Creating a MDI application with Menues,tool bars and Status bar Controls
• Performing File I/O operations using System.IO model
- System IO - File Stream, Binary Reader, Binary Writer, Stream Reader & Stream Writer
- Runtime Functions:- Sequential, Random and Binary access & manipulation
• Multithreading - Thread creation, Manipulation, prioritizing & Synchronization

Components. User Controls, Assemblies, Events & Delegates
• Creating and managing components, Customized User controls and Assemblies
• Life cycle of Component, Component Architecture Polymorphism, in Components
• Creation of custom controls, Events & Delegates in custom Controls

Exception handling, Debugging, Help File Creation & Deployment
• Exception handling, debugging & creating help files, popup & tooltip control
• Deploying a Windows applications & components

Active X Data Objects .NET ( ADO .NET )
• Distinguish Features & components of ADO .NET
• Properties & Methods of Data Adapter, connection, Command & Dataset Classes
• Data Provider, Data table Datarow, Data column, Dataview & Data relation objects
• Establishing database connectivity programmatically & trough data Wizard
• Implementing Simple & Complex Data binding, Filtering & Sorting Data Programmatically
• Manipulating data programmatically & Displaying data from multiple tables
• Accessing Data trough Crystal Reports

Active Servers Pages .NET ( ASP .NET )
• Features, Components & Programming model of ASP.NET
• Intrinsic objects, Page Events & Code-behind feature of ASP.NET
• Structure of ASP.NET pages & Cascading Style Sheets
• Controls-Web Server, HTML validation User and Custom
• Data Binding in ASP .NET trough ADO.NET
- Simple & Complex Data binding methods & Web Server controls
- Web Server Control Templates-Repeater, DataList & Data Grid Controls
- Manipulating the Data in Database trough Data Grid Server control
• Creating and Invoking XML web Services-WSDL, UDDI, SOAP
• Creating and Invoking COM/COM +(Business Logic) and Active X Components
• Error handling, Debugging & Tracing in web based Applications
• Client-Side & Server-side State Management and Implementing Accessibility
• Migration from ASP to ASP.NET & Implementing Access Security
• Implementing Globalization and Optimizing Web applications
• Configuring and Securing (Authentication & Authorization) web Applications
• Implementing Search using SQL Server Full-Text Search
• Technique, Types, IIS Settings, Creating and Customizing of Deployment projects

Extensible Markup Language (XML)
• Introduction to Extensible Markup Language-Origin, Creation of XML Documents
• XML Namespace, XML designer, XML Web Server control, XML DOM support
• Converting Relational Data into an XML document & binding XML data to web controls

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