ETL Testing Training

Table of Content

Data Warehousing Concepts
• What Is Data Warehousing And Necessity Of It?
• Data Warehousing Architecture
• Data Mining
• Meta Data
• Tables, Views
• Constraints
• Fact And Dimensional Tables
• Partitioning Of Tables
• Concepts Of Referential Integrity
• Concepts Of Modeling
• Database Schema
• Concepts Of Normalization
• Concepts Of Slowly Changing Dimensions
• Concepts Of Data Mart
• Full And Incremental Extraction Process
• Change Data Capture

SQL Concepts
• DDL, DML Commands
• All The Basic Functions (Character Functions, Conversion Functions, Advanced Functions, Mathematical Functions And Date Functions)
• Joins
• Practice Sqls For Some Sample Test Scenarios

ETL Testing
• What Is ETL And Importance Of ETL Testing??
• Creating, Running And Analyzing Sessions/Workflows In Informatica
• Preparation Of Test Strategy, Test Plan And Estimations
• Testing Scenarios, Creation Of Test Cases And Scripts
• Test Case Execution And Defect Tracking And Reporting

Report Testing
• Validation Of The Report Data With DB And UI Testing
• Preparation Of Test Data

Levels of Testing
• Unit Testing
• Integration Testing
• Module Testing
• System Testing

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