Python Training

Table of Content

Python (Integrated with Django Web Framework)
• Setup, Intro to Python Programming
• Comments and Pound Characters, Numbers and Math, Variables And Names
• More Variables and Printing
• Strings and Text
• More Printing Examples, Asking Questions, Prompting People
• Parameters, Unpacking
• File Handling
• Functions
• Reading some code Boolean Practice
• What If, Else and If, Making Decisions
• Loops and Lists
• Branches and Functions
• Designing and Debugging
• Dictionaries
• Modules, Classes and Objects (OOP)
• Is-A, Has-A, Objects and Classes
• Inheritance and Composition
• Intro to Game Development using Python
• Creating Automated Tests
• Advanced user inputs
• Making sentences
• Creating your first website
• Getting input from a browser
• Starting your first Web Game
• Intro to Django Web Framework
• Installing and Configuration
• Starting a new project
• Models
• Django Admin Interface
• URLs
• Views (Form-based and Class-based)
• Templates (HTML)
• Forms
• User Authentication
• Intro to Git and Github Using and reading third-party Django Apps
• Designing your Django website
• More exercises

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