Angular JS (Version 1)

Table of Content

Introduction to Angular Js V-1

Introduction to HTML 5, BootStrap and jQuery
Introduction to AngularJS
Installing AngularJs
Configuration of AngularJS
Structure of an AngularJS Application
Angular Architecture
Understanding Server communication
Execution flow
Bootstrapping Angular Apps
Data Binding
Understanding AngularJS Architecture
Dependency Injection
Directives, Filters & Events
AngularJS Forms & Input Validation
AngularJS Serivce Types
Scope Object
Single Paqe Application
AngularJS Service Types
AngularJS Modules, Directives & Scope object
AngularJS Events & Animation effects
Data Binding & Expressions, Filters
Angular Forms
Build and Awesomely fast and responsive User Interface
Perform CRUD function using form
Learn REST base practices with Angular
AngularJS Service and Factories, Dependency Injection
Templates & Routing
Integration with Other technologies -.NET and Java
Case Study

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